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ABOUT: TAPINVOICE - Invoicing Software

TAPINVOICE - Invoicing Software


-Print invoices;

-Print receipts;
-Print credit notes;
-Print debit notes;
-Print cash sales;
-Print trough the AirPrint;
-Pin Login (just enter a pin);
-Paypal integration;
-Print PDF invoices with multiple pages for large number of invoice lines;

-Sales Diary;

-Annual sales analysis;

-Trimestral sales analysis;

-Top sales by Client;

-Operates with or without VAT (depending on country);

-Multiple rate taxes (state/city)
-Multiple idioms: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese.
-Creates client files;

-Multiple expedition addresses for a client;

-Prints invoices in PDF format;

-Sends invoices by e-mail;

-Possibility of printing duplicated, triplicated or quadruplicated documents;

-One receipt may liquidate more than one invoice;

-One receipt may conciliate credit notes;

-Possibility of listing sales diaries by client and/or date;

-Possibility of printing deleted documents;

-Possibility of configuring the number of decimals when rounding;

-Uses iPad configured currency format;
-Possibility to include the company logo (image 150px X 100px) in the invoice PDF format;
-You can print your invoice on your company pre-printed paper, inhibiting the printing of the identification data of the company, leaving an empty space in the area of the identification of your company;
-Database of products, comprising the product code, description, unit price, unit handling and tax rate by default;
-Possibility to configure the software layout, to operate in service companies or product companies;
-Users can create a product called "hours of work” and bill time to a client, selecting that product on invoice lines;
-Possibility to change the next document number being generated. This feature is adequate to indicate the number of the first invoice when you start using Tapinvoice on your company;
-Existence of a button on each invoice line, allowing the user to select the product that he wants to add to the bill, avoiding the manual entry of product code.
-Import contacts from their iPad, so they don't need to enter again the customer name or address.

ePOS VERSION: (login to backoffice activated, providing the Practicalproject and through subscription service outside the AppStore):

- Barcode reader integrated;
- Families and sub-families of articles;
- ePOS Interface;
- Management of tables (restoration);
- Separation of table account for more than one person;
- Cards consumption (for bars);
- Time Clock for access control;
- Sync multiple stores in backoffice;
- Prints the tickets on printers compatible with Epson ESC / POS (with ethernet port);
- Opening a cash drawer when printing the invoice;
- Returns;
- Images on buttons;
- Remote controls for receipt of requests at the table;
- Optimized for catering, bars, hairdressers, beauty salons, hotels, newsagents, tobacconists, clothing stores and auto repair shops.
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