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Become part of the elite that consciously controls their lives, instead of drowning in your everyday life.

"Why do my eyes hurt?" - "You've never used them before."

Priorities are key to success. Claire helps you ordering your tasks using the Eisenhower method to prevent stress and overload.

It is not always easy to recognize tasks that steal our time, as well as the ones we neglect.
If we could only get a grasp of it, it would take away a lot of pressure. But why is this so difficult? We get blinded by urgency and hardly try to do something before it becomes urgent. Also, we don't really think about how important something is.
The flood of tasks and duties we face on a daily basis overwhelms us. Quite often we work way too hard without accomplishing anything significant. Sometimes we hurry from one urgent and important task to another and feel pressurized.

Dreams and visions in your private and work life, your own health, your family and good friends, do I have to mention more important things? For those who believe they do not have time for the things just mentioned, this app is just what they need.

Claire opens your eyes.

• Help using the Eisenhower method
- Comprehensive Guide and Hints
- Time Management
- Priorities
• iCloud Synchronization
• Up to 50 different systems / matrixes
• Intuitive Design
• Import Reminders
• Create Reminders
• Calendar Entries
• Notes
• Email Export
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