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Vocamania is an excellent engaging vocabulary game for learners with a fun twist! It challenges you to choose various words. The more accurately and quickly you respond, the better score you'll have. What's more, you can compare it with friends worldwide. Are you fluent enough to remember all the words?

With lots of different categories of vocabularies and languages, you can choose specific aspects of languages, such as JPT, Casual, Basic and etc. Also you don't need to lug around the paper equivalent.

It's built like a game so it's more fun than working through the test exercises in the book. In the play mode, you're presented with a question and four options. It will definitely help you increase your vocabulary. Vocamania also has a unique feature that you and your friend can compare rankings and high scores.

A perfect complement for students looking at preparing for exam and who want to use their iphone/ipad to study.
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