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ABOUT: E-mergency Personal Medical Record System

MORE THAN AN APP – A Complete Emergency Medical Records System

Designed with Doctors & EMTs, E-mergency helps save lives by getting your Emergency Medical Records (EMR) to Emergency Responders instantly – even if you’re unconscious.

Plus, E-mergency notifies your loved ones & medical contacts with your GPS location - so they can find you fast.

E-mergency is the only complete EMR system that protects you, your family, and groups, all from one convenient Account:

• Android (& iPhone) apps (other apps & widgets coming)
• GPS notification system
• Browser-viewable backup EMR website(s) – in case of phone failure
• One easily-managed Account covers individuals, family, groups
• Custom printable "EMT-alert" cards
• PII-free, HIPAA compliant security

E-mergency is cloud-distributed and works on iPhones, Androids and any Internet-enabled phone, pad, or computer. A single Account protects you, your family, or a group – so it makes no sense to charge you for every app. Instead, we charge once for your Account – and you can have as many apps on as many phones as you like.

Your Account costs $8.95 plus a one-time setup of .95 for each additional member. There’s no limit to the # of members you can have.

The free E-mergency app contains a built-in demo, plus a link to www.myE-mergency.com where you can set up your medical records, contacts, and print your cards.

NOW - we’ll donate .50 to the Medical Research of your choice when you click the special code of your choice at:



This five-star review from an E-mergency Member got it right:
“Absolutely wonderful app, great customer service...thank u for calling me back promptly, answering my questions and giving me even more helpful tips!”

We respond to all customer emails quickly and go overboard to help, even calling customers to help them walk thru difficulties. Also, if anyone reports a problem with the app, we check it out and fix it (if necessary) fast.

iTunes does not allow us to respond to reviews. Unfortunately, we have had negative reviews primarily because we are listed as a free app, but do charge for your Account – even though we discuss that upfront.

All we ask is, if you have a difficulty; please email us about it before resorting to downgrading reviews. We’re happy to help!

In an emergency EMTs arrive knowing nothing about you or your loved ones. So they’re operating in the dark, risking dangerous medical errors.

With E-mergency, EMTs find your alert card, click the heart icon on your phone, and immediately access your – and your loved ones - vital information, medical allergies, medications…everything they need for informed treatments that avoid medical errors.

Meanwhile, E-mergency notifies your contacts of the incident with your GPS location. So your loved ones can find you – or you can find them – fast.

E-mergency provides the double protection of a backup website in case your phone is broken or lost. EMTs can access your E-mergency EMR site on their phones or laptops.
Because you control Account access with your password, there’s no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) associated with your records - E-mergency is immune to medical ID theft and HIPAA compliant.

E-mergency is the complete personal emergency medical system with everything you need for your, your family’s, or your group’s safety in a medical emergency.
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