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ABOUT: Bypath Maker

It is an application that creates a drive route on the map .
This is quite useful when looking for a loophole in traffic especially at the time .

How to use
Tap the "point" button to match the center of the map departure
Tap the " point " button as the center of the map the destination as well .
Route will be created automatically at this point .
Then , when you tap the "point" button to match the center of the map waypoint , route , such as through that point will be created .
Since there is no relationship in the order in which they hit the waypoint , you do not need to care about in the order in which they hit .
Route that you create can be stored with a name , you can read at any time on the map .

When you create a loophole route , set the origin and destination before and after the point where you have congestion , you can set the way point in position to avoid the congested road . Route , such as to avoid the congested road while adjusting the transit point so that there is no turn-back , and go hit the transit point more will be created .
Route because not be created fully automatically , you must have tips and a little familiar , but the congestion of land that is not known to be used well also be avoided.
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