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ABOUT: Bulletproof Stress Detective

The next big trend in bio-hacking is understanding the relationships between different metrics. Bulletproof Stress Detective integrates and correlates data from popular fitness platforms like MapMyFitness, Fitbit and Withings and integrates seamlessly with the extensive biometrics from the new state-of-the-art HealthPatch sensor.

By analyzing HRV and Stress along with additional data, Bulletproof Stress Detective provides a deeper dive into health and provides insight into what activities you engage in that effect the health metrics you care about.

Bulletproof Stress Detective works with the Vital Connect HealthPatch OR tested Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Monitors for iPhone 4S and Newer, iPad 3 and newer, iPod touch 5
•Please visit www.BeatHealthy.com for a list of compatible Heart Rate Monitors noting that the Wahoo and 60Beat dongles are not supported

Bulletproof Stress Detective has four main components:
•Monitor Stress
•HRV for Training
•Food Sensitivity
•Data Correlation

Monitor Stress:
With Bulletproof Stress Detective, you can see your stress levels in real time, giving you the ability to take action to reduce stress. If your chosen stress threshold is reached, Bulletproof Stress Detective’s Relax screen prompts you with a deep breathing screen that includes calming images.

With the HealthPatch, additional metrics such as number of steps, calories burned, temperature, respiration and activity are measured in real time.

•NEW Stats: The stats screen more widely referred to as the “geek” screen, shows all the metrics being measured. If using the HealthPatch, the user can view the additional provided metrics.
•NEW Graph: The graph screen shows a real-time building graph of your heart rate from RR Intervals. Turning the phone 90 degrees counter-clockwise will bring up the graph in landscape.
•NEW Export RR Intervals: Bulletproof Stress Detective provides RR interval export capability.

HRV For Training:
In competitive sports, improved performance is often affected by alternating periods of intensive training with periods of relative rest. Bulletproof Stress Detective measures HRV, an objective measure of your body’s response to each workout and provides training recommendations based on the morning reading.

Food Sensitivity Test:
If you are sensitive to certain foods, you may not experience symptoms, though your body reacts by elevating your heart rate after eating an offending food. Low level food sensitivities may contribute to inflammation. This inflammation tells the body to hang onto stored fat to combat whatever stress caused the hormonal release. Bulletproof Stress Detective measures your pulse three times after eating and assigns either a “X” (sensitive) or a green checkmark (not sensitive).

NEW Correlation:
The correlation screen uses a patent pending algorithm to correlate all of the data the user has shared with Bulletproof Stress Detective. This data will come from the app itself, the HealthPatch and any other apps or devices the user has authorized (Fitbit, Withings, and/or MapMyFitness).

The correlation feature turns your data into useful information and provides insight into what combination of activities lead to desired HRV, stress or weight, giving you the knowledge you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Bulletproof Stress Detective Features:
•Post your session summary on Facebook and Twitter to share with friends.
•Customize your Relax screen images with your favorite pictures.
•Track your heart rate recovery after exercising.
•Track the foods you have eaten and your body’s response to them.
•Save and upload sessions to your secure MySweetBeat account at www.BeatHealthy.com.
•Login to AchieveMint and earn 20 AchieveMints for each HRV Session
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VersionVersion changed from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2.