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ABOUT: Crusaders Kingdom

Crusaders Kingdom brings you face to face with your enemies in epic medieval strategy combat. Choose your faction, loot your foes and enjoy the sweet taste of victory.

*** Based on the browser hit game "Castle Fight" (>1 mio players) ***

Deus vult – God wills it! With these words, Pope Urban II calls the Christian West to arms to take part in the First Crusade in 1095. After great exertion and many battles involving heavy losses, the Christian Crusaders succeed to conquer Jerusalem in 1099.

In this enthralling construction and strategy online game you immerse into the role of a Christian Crusader or Saracen prince. Your mission: construct huge castles, extend your dominion continuously and secure your supremacy in the Holy Land. Become a legend and live on forever or fade into the dust of time.

• Historical Crusader setting
• Choose your faction: Crusaders or Noble Saracens await your command
• Discover 76 achievements and conquer the Holy Grail
• Authentic visuals and animations
• Spectacular, tactical battles - 8/10: "if you are a strategy game enthusiast, download Crusaders Kingdom today. You will not be disappointed"
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