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ABOUT: gFr21 Reps Lite

gFr21 is an application for managing sales orders.

- Customers
Contains trade data, tax, payment terms etc..
The mailing address and the delivery address can search directly in Maps
Sales per customer, building customer areas.
Ability to save a summary of the visit to a client.
Ability to import a list of customers with all their data. Also customers can export our database.

Contains trade data and business tax
The address can search directly in Maps
Sales supplier.
We have the ability to import a list of all data providers. We can export our suppliers database.

Each supplier can have an unlimited number of catalogs.
It is possible to manage the delivery of catalogs.
Possibility and price list points.
We can print in pdf catalog your images. We can also export all catalog items you select.

The articles have reference, description, price, points (if you rate is per points), long description and an image can be associated.
We import all the items in a catalog. If the item to be imported, there is created if you modify it requires very useful for updating price lists. We can also export items.

In references sale lines can change the description, quantity, unit price and discount, there is also a button to add to the description, a description but if we have put in the article.
We can associate selling images of the project, in this case the image is printed after ordering.
We can duplicate an order and assign it to another customer.
We can print images in your order.
When we send a request by mail are sent three copies, one for the customer to the supplier and another one for our company (user).
We can export orders.

- We can see the sales statistics by month, and by groups (suppliers and customers).
- We can see the images in a catalog, simply drag them into Dropbox on your computer and appear in gFr21, these images also can be used to add to the articles or images of an order.
- We can export or import, customers, suppliers, catalogs, products, orders and any database.
- The management of the application is very easy and intuitive.
- Translated into Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian.

- The LITE version is fully operational the only downside is that when printing an order references are demonstration and has a limit of 3 orders.
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