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ABOUT: AppDads Coloring Halloween

AppDads Coloring Halloween is a companion application for the existing AppDads Coloring application in the store. Included in the app are 30 images of fun colorable characters for Halloween.

Just like the original AppDads Coloring, this application is a powerful and customizable paint program for kids. What makes the app unique is its ability to search for other coloring pages online and download them into the app. It is fully integrated and will allow your child to color their favorite characters from a TV show. As your child ages and his or her interest in characters change, the app changes along with them. A collection of stamps and stickers add another dimension of fun to each coloring adventure.

This app is mainly targeted towards children but with a very powerful drawing engine behind the scenes adults will enjoy expressing their creative side too. Features such as fifteen+ different paint brushes and sizes, color transparency for water color effects, and backgrounds to set the scene turn the app into a canvas for creativity. Drawings come out looking professional especially when utilizing the erase or undo capabilities of the app to cleanup little mistakes along the way.

Just learning how to draw? Use the grid overlay to maintain symmetry across the canvas. Saving the image removes the grid overlay and reveals the beauty underneath.

Enjoy a favorite past time by importing personal photos into the app, draw mustaches on your family members, and then save your work to the device's image gallery. Share your hilarious creations with your friends through email.


* Includes 30 images of fun colorable characters for Halloween.
* Select a color and touch a white fillable region to paint.
* Express your creativity by free hand drawing.
* Correct mistakes with the eraser.
* Pick from over 15 different brush styles.
* Pick recently used colors with the eye dropper.
* Adjust the thickness of the brush or eraser.
* Select the brush color transparency.
* Perfect your free hand drawing with the support of 10 different sizes of grid overlay.
* Decorate with your favorite stamps and stickers and color them just as you would a normal coloring page.
* Use the zoom and pan feature to get those hard to reach coloring places.
* Personalize the coloring pages with your own images.
* Virtually limitless coloring pages to download all from within the app.
* More than 150 different colors to choose from.
* Save your creations to the photo gallery.
* Share and publish your work via email.
* Choose a background scene to decorate.

Please send us feedback at [email protected] and rate the app. We are striving to make the app as feature rich and user friendly as possible! This app is designed for kids and tested by kids.
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