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ABOUT: Tactics ON

TACTICS ON – The Ultimate Personal Safety & Protection App developed by International Security Specialists.

Originally designed as a tool for VIPs at risk to threats of kidnap, targeted attacks and operating in Hostile Environments, this unique app is now applicable to everyone.

TO (Tactics On) provides not only tips and advice for your general safety and step-by-step ‘Tactics’ to take in the event of potential threats but also a variety of means to alert and communicate with your friends and colleagues.

– Tips and Advice to keeping you safe, day-to-day.

– Just got home? Arrived at your appointment? Landed at your destination?

SMS/Email your family, friends, work colleagues to let them know you’ve arrived safely at your destination with a URL showing your precise location on the map.

– Activate your personal tracker to send your family, friends and work colleagues an Email/SMS that can allow them to 'shadow' you till you’re safe.

Clicking on the link in the Email/SMS will send them to our map so they can see your movements till you 'Deactivate' the tracker.

Note: This function is for temporary tracking use. Continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease your battery life.

– Vehicle breakdown? Medical Emergency? Lost? Need help?

SMS/Email your friends, family, work colleagues with your precise location on a map and a message for them to assist you in emergency situations.

– Need Police, Medical or Fire Assistance?

Direct Dial to local Emergency Services in 80 countries around the world with the simple push of this button.

– Being Followed? How to deal with an attack? Meeting a stranger?

Step-by-Step advice and guidance to take if presented with a variety of threatening situations.


* Reacting to Threats
* Being Approached
* Being Followed
* Parking
* Being Attacked or Mugged
* Taxis
* Public Transport
* Dating
* Home Protection
* Mobile Phone Security (NEW)
* etc.

FREE UPDATES - coming soon, including:

*Road Rage
*Vehicle/Car Breakdowns
*Travel Safety
*Computer Security
*Terrorist Situations
*Kidnap & Hostage Survival

*****and many more.
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