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ABOUT: GeneWall Genome Browser

GeneWall is a genome browser for mobile devices. The genome is at your fingertips (literally): tap, scroll and pinch your way through the entire human genome from whole chromosomes and genes down to individual DNA base pairs. Explore public functional annotation for your favorite regions. Customize gene lists and share with friends, colleagues, or care providers. Pro version is enabled with data upload capability for browsing your own personal genome data files/tracks.

Standard Features: 
•Graphically view all 23 chromosomes with resolution down to singles genes, DNA base pairs, and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
•Scroll left/right to explore
•Zoom in/out to achieve greater and greater genome resolution
•Tap to get annotated functional information from external public databases
•Search by gene name, SNP, ontology or chromosome location
•Create, save, and share/email custom gene lists
•Compatible with iPhone and iPad version OS6 or later

Pro version features:
•Import/upload compatible genomic data files (e.g. tracks) in BED format, CpG island, methylation, and other genome-related data files
•Import/upload personal genomic data files previously ordered from 23andMe and Complete Genomics

A showcase video can be found on the developer’s web site or directly:
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