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ABOUT: Met Mapper

Pilots and weather enthusiasts: Imagine a simple, easy-to-read view of the weather conditions in your area or at any point along your flight path. Met Mapper is a must-have app that overlays worldwide current weather observations (METARs) using Google Maps on your iOS device.

Search methods include:
-Mapping a specified radius around your current location (location services required)
-Mapping a specified radius around an airport or weather station
-Mapping a flight path from airport to airport using a specified width on either side of the path

With Met Mapper, you can get a bird's eye view of the weather conditions in your area. Pinch to zoom on the map and more stations will appear in denser areas. Tap on a station to get the raw weather report (METAR), then tap on the details button to go further in depth and get a translated report of weather conditions for that station. Customize station colours and map type (standard, satellite, or hybrid) in the settings page.

For pilots, Met Mapper allows you to see the weather at any point along your flight path. Great for general aviation pilots flying direct from A to B. Please note that due to National Weather Service limitations, flight paths that cross the International Date Line will look a bit weird (you'll still see all of the stations, but the flight path will cut back across the Prime Meridian so extra stations will appear).

Weather conditions deteriorating and need to divert? Quickly and easily map a radius around your current position to see where conditions are better.

Internet connection required. All data is provided by the U.S. National Weather Service. Visit for more details. Met Mapper is provided for reference purposes only and should not be solely relied upon when planning a flight. Always get a thorough preflight weather briefing from your local aviation weather agency.
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