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Fly terminator 'Defence mode' update !!

The mission for the new mode is to ride the motorbike whilst delivering food safely against the mutant flies' attack.
You can upgrade Your bike and use more powerful defence system.
Fly Terminator is a game with a full of sense of knocking out monster-insects using diverse weapons.
Enjoy the thrill of bonus stages.
Also, every time you succeed on the quest, you get powerful new weapons.
Go for it now!

* Story
Mutant flies with deadly virus that can make the mankind extinct have appeared.
These flies are immune to all kinds of chemical gas, and the entire world is in chaos.
You, with only rubber bands, must save the world!
No doubt, you will be compensated with special rewards.
Terminate the mutant monster-flies and save the world in danger!

* full version
- Challenge many different Stages and Time Attack competitions of the full-version!
- A total of 4 levels, 35 stages, 70 puzzles
- Thrilling and tension-ridden Time Attack mode
- Exciting and unique Boss Quest
- Powerful weapons and items purchased with Gold collected while hunting

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