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ABOUT: TurboSite Standard

TurboSite Family Of Mobile Field Reporting Apps

Automatically Create Field Reports

The TurboSite family of mobile apps turn Apple's iPad® and iPhone® into a first-of-its-kind field reporting tool, cutting up to 80% of the burden of traditional site inspections and automating the field reporting process.

No more lugging plans onto a site, your 2D & 3D DWG/PDF/DXF/DWF drawings can be stored both in the cloud and on your iPad or iPhone. Navigation is blazingly fast.

GPS or SPS™ knows where you're at in your plan with or without connectivity.

At any spot create a correctly geolocated GeoMark™ and, using the built-in camera, take as many photos, videos, dictation, and text notes that you want at that exact spot. Instantly assign punch lists items to your team.

Redline a 2D or 3D drawing with powerful markup, dimension, and inquiry tools, including AutoShapes, an easy way to draw accurate geometry with simple gestures.

Calibrate 2D PDF's for area take offs and measurements for easy estimating. Even have a real-time video conference via FaceTime or Skype from directly in your building plan.

Wrap up by punching and sharing your report electronically with your entire team at the touch of a button... or instantly print a highly-customized PDF report and distribute hardcopy.

TurboSite: Creating a field report has never been easier.


There are three TurboSite apps:

• TurboSite Standard (FREE)
• TurboSite Plus ($9.99/month or $199 purchase)
• TurboSite Pro ($29.99/month or $499 purchase)


Highlights Include [differences designated below]:

Documenting & Conferencing Features:

• [PRO; PLUS] GeoMark™: Unlimited number of intelligent content markers that are auto-located and oriented [FREE STANDARD CAN HAVE UP TO TWO GEOMARKS]
• Content types include: Photos, video, audio, text, and CAD drawing data
• New layer created so original file is protected
• [PRO] Real-time FaceTime and Skype chat


• Mark-up design files, photos, and satellite/map data
• AutoShapes: Drawing rough shapes refines to accurate geometry
• Redmark tools: Markup 2D and 3D objects using a variety of standard tools
• Inquiry tools: Dist/dimension, angle, perimeter, area

PDF Estimating:

• PDF area take offs and measurements
• GPS/SPS navigation around a PDF drawing

Punch Lists:

• Easy assign
• Advanced search
• Customized PDF reports (all or selected punches)

Real-Time Position Tracking:

• GeoWalk™: Anytime Anywhere positioning, even when GPS is not available or a drawing is not geolocated
• GPS: Full support for satellite GPS, A-GPS, WPS, etc.
• SPS™: Sensor Positioning System, uses built-in sensors to determine position
• GeoNudge™: Refine accuracy to exact location

Unique 3D Features:

• Support for hidden and shaded visual styles
• Unique "always facing" text and dimensions


• Wireframe, Hidden line, Shaded
• Material & Texture support
• [PRO] X-ray, gray scale, realistic, shaded with edges, and more
• [PRO] Custom perspective view
• [PRO] BIM and Block support
• [PRO] 3D section cuts


• Contact Management (integrated with native Contacts)
• Create Groups for easy sharing with large teams
• QuickSend site photos, videos, and audio for instant sharing

Cloud & Local Storage:

• Support for Box.com and Dropbox
• File management (create subfolders; cut/copy/paste/etc.)
• [PRO] Custom WebDAV and FTP support


• Fastest load times in mobile
• Optimized for large files
• DWG, DXF, DWF, and PDF
• [PRO] 3D PDF
• [PRO] Over a dozen additional CAD file types

Free AutoCAD and Revit Plug-ins:

• See field videos and photos directly within AutoCAD or Revit in correctly geolocated positions

Automatic Report Generation:

• PDF, HTML, and TAP
• Generate filtered views & reports based on search criteria
• [PRO] Customize PDF report with Word

... and much more
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