TableTennis board (PING PONG)

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ABOUT: TableTennis board (PING PONG)

This is the simple strategy board for table tennis.
You can make strategy and share with team mates!
I hope this application will help your team.
Enjoy your sports life!!

Sample movie is uploaded to Youtube.
Please click support URL,
or search "sports strategy board".

This application's functions

(Field window)
- move piece
- plus button : record point of piece
- start button : play back with animation
- pencil button : draw line (3 color)
- eraser button : erase all line
- shake : reset record
- pinch-in/out : change piece size
- i button : show Config window

(Config window)
- change cort size (full or half)
- change back number (0-99)
- save data (max is 5)
- load data
- send data by e-mail (Data is string, so you can share on BBS and etc..)
- load from clip board (copy send data, and press button)

How to use playback!
1. move piece
2. push plus button. The number under plus button will increment. This is record num.
3. repeat 1. and 2.
4. push start button.
5. If you want to delete record, Shake!
Download TableTennis board (PING PONG).ipa

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