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ABOUT: TelASketch

The first app of its kind, and soon to be the new app craze, Telasketch is all about viral sensationalism. Combine a picture drawing game, a word game, and the oldtime favorite, telephone, and you have Telasketch.

Playing Telasketch is easy and extremely entertaining.

Download the app

Think of a funny phrase or sentence

Pick the number of people to play

Send the phrase to your friend to draw

Your friend sends his/her picture to another friend to write a new sentence based on the picture

Game continues until everyone plays

Watch how the story unfolds and how your original phrase gets twisted from friend to friend. Enjoy the final game slides with everyone and have a few good laughs each time.

Post your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter or email them to your other friends. Play as many games as you want! It is a good way to stay in touch with friends, meet new people, and explore your own randomly creative side. Download the app now while its free!

The full game tutorial is below:

TelaSketch is the leading cell phone app that combines personal creativity and viral sensationalism. Think of it as a combination of a Words With FriendsTM and Draw Something mingled together with an old time favorite; Telephone.

The FULL version of the app will only be available for a limited time so spread the app to all of your friends by inviting them to play the game!!

TelaSketch starts with a sentence. Any random, fun, interesting sentence that you can think of. Then, you pass that sentence to one of your friends. Your friend then has a limited amount of time to draw a picture for that sentence as best as their personal capabilities allow. Then, your friend will pass their picture to another person/friend who will have to write a sentence about the recently drawn picture without seeing the original sentence. This continues for a predetermined amount of people and once a full round is completed, everyone who participated will get to see how the game progressed and changed from picture to sentence to picture to sentence, ect, ect, ect. ………….. Confused? Hopefully not ;)

(PIC) Push this button to start a new game.

Enter the number of people you want to play the game cycle, create a game title, and enter the beginning sentence.

(PIC) Push this button if you want to decide who gets to participate in the game from your phones contacts list.

(PIC) Push this button if you want your friends to decide who gets to participate in the game cycle.

If you chose “My Friends”, then select the order in which the game will be passed by tapping each contact. You will only be able to choose as many as you designated for the game.

If you chose “Your Friends”, then select the next person in the game cycle to receive the sentence you just wrote. Then will draw a picture of the sentence and pass their picture to one of their friends in their contacts list.

Your friends will get a chance to download the game via your invite if not already done so.

If you get invited to participate in a game, you can check who invited you by pushing this button (PIC).

Once a game is finished, you will be notified to look at the final game slides. You can post these to Facebook, Twitter, or your email to share with your friends.

(PIC) Check out your current games here! If you have the FULL version of the game downloaded, you can start up to 5 games and participate in as many games as you are invited. You can also cancel invites if your friends are too busy to have a little fun. The LITE version allows you to be invited to play in games but you cannot start your own game.

Don’t forget, by sending an invitation to play the game, you also send an invitation to download the app. So make sure you invite all of your friends to play.

Have fun and feel free to tell us what you think on our Facebook page!!!!
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