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ABOUT: Quickie for iOS

With Quickie, you can send completely private and encrypted messages to your friends using your iOS devices and unlike similar applications, we do not store incoming/outgoing messages in our database after they have been viewed.

Add images to Quickie! Now you can take a photo or upload an existing photo and send it with your quickie. The photo gets removed from our servers once it is viewed, so no record is kept. But don't worry, you do not have to attach a photo to send a quickie!

With Quickfeed you can post activity statuses that all your friends will see - however the status will disappear after the allotted time is up. Set the time and post, and the timer will start counting down in real time, so only those who are on Quickie during that time can see the status. Your friends can also comment on your status during the time and once the status is gone, so are all the comments!

Scroll navigation makes it easy to navigate the app, just swipe left or right to navigate. But don't worry, the tab bar can still be used; Just click the bar for where you want to go.

Now it's easier then ever to connect with your friends. Invite them to join Quickie by email or sms from right inside the app in the add friends section. Quickie now also supports emojis, so have more fun sending quickies to your friends!

We are also committed to providing an exceptional service. User feedback is very important to us, and will determine future updates, features, etc.
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