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ABOUT: AT App "Where you at?"

AT app answers the question "where you at?" It helps locate family and friends using GPS technology, providing the ability to execute turn by turn directions to their exact location. With the addition of interaction through text, picture, video or phone call, AT app separates itself from the competition. A simple AT request enables users to connect with one or all of their phones contacts once request is accepted.

AT isn't just for meeting people at social events or activities, it can also save lives. In an emergency situation for children and adults, a push of the AT alert button will send a text message to preset family and friends alerting them of your situation and displaying your exact location. In conjunction with text messaging, an AT alert will be issued on your Facebook timeline. A map will show your location and alert friends of your emergency. AT app is perfect for students looking for their friends, comforting parents who are concerned about their children's whereabouts and for meeting friends or family in large crowds. With the AT app you'll never have to ask "where you at" ever again.
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