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ABOUT: SolfegeNoteReading

This app helps you learn to read musical-note.Many people want to learn to read musical score, but some may think it difficult to read even the most basic musical-note.
Basically it is a matter of "Practice makes perfect".

In this app, a musical-note is set one after another. Each time you have to press the key you think is right. You have to answer correctly 12 times to end each session. If your answer is wrong, it is not counted, but just takes more time to finish the session.
Your level is ranked according to the time you took.

If you finish very fast, you are ranked in the level of some famous musician. If you take more time, your rank becomes lower and finally you will be ranked in the imitation of some famous musician.

There is an additional course in it. Push "Play for fun", and you can play just for fun. Touch any key as you like, and enjoy playing your music.

We hope you learn to read musical-notes, and will feel more familiar with musical score and music itself.
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