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ABOUT: TennisTacticsPad

“TennisTacticsPad” is tactics board app made for tennis players and coaches.
You can use for considering tactics of match or considering training.

◉Animation type
Record a scene that players and ball have been placed on board, and create a animation by combining scenes.
This type is suitable for considering tactics of match.

◉Board type
Use as normal tactics board.Can place many items and draw lines and arrows on board.
This type is suitable for considering training.

-Customize wear image for player
-Six kinds of court images
-Write to PDF(send E-mail, Facebook, Twitter)

◆Animation type
-Add players and labels
-Represent curved action of player
-Change height of shot
-Change bounce position of shot
-Reverse play animation and change play speed
-Edit a created animation

◆Board type
-Add players, balls, ball baskets, corns and labels
-Draw lines and arrows with color freely customized
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