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ABOUT: Jungle Tab Lite : Addictive Puzzle Game

Let me introduce a cute, immersive, and amazingly addictive casual puzzle game!

*Jungle Tab Lite: Addictive Puzzle Game!
Please keep the jungle peace and order where cute animals are living! You have to put same animals together that are falling disorderly, and send them back home.

The more you connect the animal, the more you earn scores, and also you need a strategy of where you will place animals and the items and when you will touch and use them!
animals are falling faster from above; you will feel the speed and tension!

As you go up the level, you will see more animals coming out. Then you will be immersed like you did never before and time will fly like an arrow touching and moving the animals!
Blow your boredom away with this cute Jungle Tab puzzle game!

★ Play Movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQxXpkS51ao

★ Be careful if you are on a bus or a subway! This game is very immersive; you might end up missing your stop!

1. Animals disappear when you connect the same animals 3 or more and then touch them.
2. You can touch and move animals if they are not blocked by any ways.
3. You earn a special block if you connect 6 or more animals.
4. As time passes, new animals will appear from above.
5. If the field is filled and there is no room left, game will be over.

Special blocks
If you touch the special block during the game, you can play the stages with advantage.
★ Arrows: clears all the animals and blocks on the arrow side
★ Question: randomly clears all of the one kind of animal block
★ Bomb: clears all the block around the bomb
★ Net: clears the entire block around the net. This is stronger than the bomb
★ Tornado: clears the entire block around the tornado. This one is even stronger than the Net

You can escape from danger using the items.
★ Return: you can return to when you last leveled up.
★ Erase: you can erase the entire animals and blocks.

Game Center Support
This game supports Game Center Support. Achieve 30 missions and compare with your friends!

Game FAQ
Q: I connected 3 animals. But they didn’t disappear!
A: After you connect them, you have to touch it again to make them disappear.

Q: When can I use Return and Erase Item?
A: you can use them during the game or when you are finishing the game.
During the game you just touch the item icon. When you are finishing the game, touch the item from dialog menu.

★ Return item usually used when you made a mistake on using other item block. It will bring you to the point when you last leveled up, and it is better for you to remember the arrangement of the block each time you level up.

[Korean Description: 한국어 요약 설명]
★ JungleTab Lite(정글탭 라이트) - 중독성 강한 캐주얼 퍼즐게임! 남녀노소 누구나 쉽게 즐길 수 있어요.

귀여운 동물들이 살고 있는 정글의 질서를 지켜주세요. 정신 없이 떨어지는 동물들을 같은 종류끼리 모아 집으로 돌려보내야 합니다.

이 게임은 떨어지는 블럭을 손으로 옮겨 정리하는 Falling block puzzle Game류입니다.

더 많은 동물들을 연결할수록 더 높은 점수를 얻을 수 있으며 동물과 아이템을 어디에 배치하고 언제 터치하여 터트리는지에 대한 대한 전략도 필요합니다.

위에서 동물들이 점점 빨리 떨어지므로 속도감과 긴장감을 더했습니다.

레벨이 오를 수록 늘어나는 동물들을 터치하고 옮기다 보면 몰입감은 점점 증가하고
어느 사이에 시간이 훌쩍 지나있을 거예요.

레벨 10까지 지원되므로 Lite버전만으로도 충분히 즐기실 수 있습니다.[현재 Full버전은 미국계정으로만 구매가능합니다.]

귀여운 퍼즐 게임 Jungle Tab과 함께, 심심함을 날려버리세요!
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