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ABOUT: Boater Beacon

· THE ORIGINAL & TOP RANKED BOATING APP- essential for any boater large or small power or sail
· Highly recommended by users!
· Very user friendly!
· Can save your life or be the life of the party!
· New Version Features
o Full Boating Weather – including wind speed and tide charts
o Local Radar
o Longitude and Latitude locator
o Boating Torch
o Boat Party location Communicator
o Weather Radio
o Tide Charts
o Help Lines
o And Much More!!!!

“This App is so easy to use and I use it almost every time I go on the water”

“Whenever I need to know what the weather is or if there is a storm on the way I just access Boater Beacon and I am clear on what to expect”

“When I want to let my friends know where I am on the water and raft up for a good time I use this app, Thanks!”

IMAGES of all features!!!
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