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ABOUT: UX Write - iPad Word Processor

Get real work done, anywhere: no compromises. UX Write is a stunning, professional word processor designed from the ground up for your iPad and iPhone. With top-class support for Microsoft Word® .docx, HTML5, Dropbox, and PDF export - plus full functionality when working offline - you've got the freedom to work wherever you want, with the tools you need.

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“[...] features that speak to a brighter future for iOS word processors [...] the potential to become one of the word processors for the Post PC generation.” — Tech Republic

“UX Write is a terrific word processor [...] if you’re dealing with complex documents on the go [...] UX Write is the best solution there is.” — Cult of Mac

“A first class word processor for iPad [...] there are special, innovative tools to really help you write.” — The Mac Observer


Check out our 2 minute demo video at www.uxwrite.com/demo


UX Write is designed *specifically* for the mobile form factor. It uses the web's open, industry-standard HTML5 format to give you crystal-clear text and powerful style-based formatting - even on the smallest screens. NO SQUINTING or horizontal scrolling. Because you deserve better than a bloated desktop interface squeezed onto your tablet screen.

Did we mention HTML is the technology that *powers the web*?

Don't put up with encumbered, unportable proprietary formats that lock you in and don't let you share.


• Read & write Microsoft Word (.docx only, *NOT* .doc)
• Read & write HTML5
• Write Adobe PDF
• Print directly from your iPhone/iPad with Apple AirPrint
• Email documents in Word, HTML5, and PDF formats
• Secure, fully automatic Dropbox and WebDAV synchronization


• Work seamlessly between UX Write and Microsoft Word with the *best* .docx support on the iPad

• Reflowable text (like e-books and web pages) that automatically adapts to your screen size & orientation
• View text comfortably at your preferred size, without changing document formatting
• Works perfectly offline - no internet connection required

• Styles for quick, consistent formatting across your documents
• Headings, lists, tables, and figures
• Outline view and editing for quickly navigating and restructuring large documents
• Automatic numbering, cross-references, table of contents, list of figures & tables
• Find & replace, spell checking, word count

• User interface localised for English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai
• *Bluetooth keyboard* support, including all shortcuts
• Enhanced on-screen keyboard and “virtual trackpad” for convenient editing
• Enhanced auto-correct takes the headache out of typos
• Preview and restore old versions of documents stored on Dropbox!
• Voice dictation (on supported devices)

• Top-notch support direct from the developers, no automated support tickets or “customer support representatives”
• Free upgrades as new versions of UX Write are released (lots coming!)
• Check out www.uxwrite.com for more...


Check out our website at www.uxwrite.com, or drop us a line at [email protected]

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“It handles high-end professional authoring tasks such as creating books, reports, research papers, and theses, for a surprisingly economical price.” — Forbes
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