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ABOUT: Wordeaters Español

Wordeaters - is the effortless way to learn foreign words.

Other available versions:
- English-Russian (Wordeaters - 1.99$)
- English-German (Wordeaters Deutsch - 1.99$)
- English-French (Wordeaters Français - 1.99$)


Once upon a time there were wordeaters. They ate English words, and they liked it. Suddenly they heard something about overseas Spanish words. And they wanted to try it.
They sent their cook, who prepared words for them, to Spain.
The locals liked English words. And they took English cook, and sent their Spanish cook to England instead him...


- Combines the fun gameplay and an opportunity to increase your Spanish vocabulary

- 2 modes: English-Spanish and Spanish-English

- 24 levels, containing the 2000 most frequently used words

- More than 20 themed levels (airport, city, food, clothing, etc.)

- An endless mode contains 3200 words

- Very simple controls

- Nice graphics and sound
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PricePrice changed from $1.99 to $0.99.
PricePrice changed from $0.99 to $1.99.
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