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ABOUT: Intense Shooting Drills - with Steve Ball

Volume 7 of The Basketball Toolbox Series of iPhone and iPod touch apps
Learn effective drills, plays, actions and schemes that will give your team a decided strategic advantage in every game!

Finally! A collection of GREAT and INTENSE practice drills and routines that will improve your team’s shooting!

As the legendary coach Morgan Wooten has said- “If I had to do it all over again, I would have spent more time practicing shooting with my team and less time on the X’s and O’s.”

These 13 drills are Practice-Proven, Effective, Easy To Teach and Easy To Learn shooting drills that allow for both individual and team improvement, while using competitive and time-based actions to foster competition and aggressive improvement.

Coach Steve Ball gives you clear explanations and real-time whiteboard diagramming of the following drills and actions:
“Basic Pull Ups”
“Motion Shooting”
“Two Line Flare”
“Run The W”
“Two Ball”
“9 Minute”
“King Of The Court”
plus much more at your fingertips... 24/7/365...

This is world-class, multiple-camera video footage and instructional graphics, edited and designed to maximize successful learning.

You have complete navigational control of the footage: you can play in slo-mo, rewind, fast-forward, skip ahead, skip backwards; anything you can do with a DVD, you can do with this app.

18 chapters of effective information indexed for speedy access
Concise diagramming
Detailed explanations
Coaching tips and ideas
30 Minutes of teaching

Now is time for you to take the next step towards getting a step up on basketball supremacy: DOWNLOAD NOW...

This app is part of the court ruling Basketball Toolbox series:
The Basketball Toolbox
"The right play... The right scheme"

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