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FOR IPHONE4 AND IPOD4 WITH RETINA DISPLAY ONLY, this is the most compact and powerful X-Plane we have ever created. We have combined the airplanes from X-Plane Racing, Airliner, Extreme, Helicopter, Glider, and more from the iPod, iPhone, and iPad into ONE app. X-Plane HDEF-4G has all the resolution and power and graphics of the iPad compressed onto the 4. This, coupled with the code being optimized for the iphone 4 processor and graphics, results in a more tightly detailed and hi-speed app than we have ever seen for any mobile platform... ever.

With aircraft carriers, air combat, F-22, B-1, B-2, X-15, SR-71, A-380, Boeing 787, and countless more airplanes all represented with accurate flight dynamics, and over a dozen flying areas, and near-infinite weather conditions available, the power of this app is simply mind-boggling.
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VersionVersion changed from 9.82 to 9.85.
VersionVersion changed from 9.80 to 9.82.
VersionVersion changed from 9.770 to 9.80.