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◆ Your One Stop For Everything Anime/Manga! ◆

An app that places you in the centre of all things anime, AnimeHub is a handy tool that allows you to keep up with and enjoy anime and manga.

- See all the latest news on your favourite anime and manga series and video games.

- Have Push Notifications delivered to your device automatically when news pops up.

- Watch anime episodes on the go right within the app at no extra cost.

- Download and read manga right within the app choosing from a wide selection of over 13,000 series.

- Discover new and old anime/manga with our extensive database containing (literally) every anime and manga ever made.

- Personalise the app and make it yours with customisable settings, views and themes.

AnimeHub offers a wide variety of titles from all categories - (Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, Mecha, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Ecchi and many more). I dare you to enter an anime/manga title into the app and not find it!
It also boasts an impressive database of 13,000+ titles from Naruto, One Piece and Attack on Titan to Rosario Vampire to Please! Mr Bear!

(Also its LITERALLY less than 10MB so thats a quick download and it won't take up any space!)

*For best results, please run on iOS 7.1 and higher. Will still work fine on iOS 7.0 but better on higher versions.
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