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ABOUT: Marathon's World

*** Special mode for track runners ***

The two main problems with track running are: 
1. Losing your lap count. 
2. Inaccurate GPS tracking. 

Using this App eliminates those problems. 
It's easy to use: 
First, choose either 400m,300m, 250m, or 200m. 
Then, select the lane (1-8) in which you are going to run. 
Once you begin to run, the App will automatically calculate the number of laps. Every lap will have audio feedback of the count, time and speed of the lap. 

The beauty of the design is that the distance is very accurate because it is calculated by the number of laps multiplied by the distance of lap. The distance of laps are different depending on the lane. 

*** The Marathon's World ( App is Here! ***
Marathon's World is a social media website geared toward runners. Marathon's World is picking up the pace in the running community. This dynamic website integrates races for runners to interact and share experiences and expertise. The App has finally arrived!

Get Started:
- Choose either running or cycling.
- Clean, easy-to-read interface.
- Per-kilometer pace table.
- Real time map display of your route.
- Post immediate results on the Marathon's World website.
- Fill in all details including, location, weather, as well as your post-run physical conditions for all running stats.
- Upload and share photos.
- Support music play.

- An area for everyone to share their journals.
- 'Like' your favorites and leave messages for other users.
- View updates from both friends as well as others in your area.

My Journal:
- Display your personal log journal.
- Easily track your monthly progress.
- Friend List at your fingertips.
- Personal information including running experience, total distance, cycling distance, annual distance, race schedules and stats.

- Displays most recent events.
- Share and discuss all tracked races.
- Add personal race stats. Post results, rankings and comments, as well as upload pictures to share.

- Display monthly and weekly running statistics.
- Display notifications such as comments and messages.
- With cloud interface you can easily log on to update, view or share your tracked information at any time.

* Please Note:
- Continued use of GPS can dramatically decrease the battery life.
- iPod touch does not support GPS.
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