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ABOUT: Freeance Mobile for Cityworks

Freeance Mobile for Cityworks is the first Cityworks centric software developed for Cityworks Server.

With Freeance Mobile for Cityworks, you can now take your work orders, service requests and inspections out in the field on iPhones and iPads.

Search on, edit, and create work orders, service requests and inspections.

View and add ELM to work orders and service requests.

Close and change the status of work orders, service requests and inspections.

Freeance Mobile for Cityworks software not only accesses your Cityworks records but also allows you to add GPS locations to them. Freeance Mobile software makes it possible for you to know that the work is done, when it was done, and where it was done.

This free application is set up to run with a sample Cityworks Server database. To access and see your own Cityworks records you'll need to download our Freeance Mobile Cityworks Server application. For more information on this please contact Chris Asher at [email protected]

Runs with both Cityworks Sever 2012.1 and 2013

"The easiest-to-use mobile software for field users of Cityworks."
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