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ABOUT: X-Mapper Lite (for X-Plane)

“X-Mapper Lite” is a helper application for X-Plane flight simulator, which tracks the location of aircraft in the real-world map.

*This application requires full or demo version of X-Plane 9 or ​10 for computer (Mac/​Windows/​Linux). CANNOT used with X-Plane for iPhone/iPad.

*The latest version requires iOS 6 or later. For devices with iOS 4 or iOS 5, App Store will provide older version 1.1.3.


“X-Mapper Lite” works combined with the computer version of X-Plane flight simulator. It offers a simple but useful functionality to the simulator: tracking the location and the heading of the simulated aircraft in the real-world map. It can be used for following purposes:

–Watching topography and street patterns for more precise pilotage navigation.
–Making aware of world-wide geography for more joyful sightseeing flight.
–Tracing accurate traffic patterns for more efficient training.
–Getting details of taxiways and facilities in complicated airports.


Launch X-Plane on a computer and follow in-App instructions to setup network connection. The location and heading of the simulated aircraft will be displayed with an orange icon when settings completed and a network connection established. You can switch Tracking Mode (auto scrolling) by airplane button. Other map manipulations are same as the standard “Maps” application.


You can connect up to four iPhone/​iPad devices running multiple X-Mappers at the same time. Download and install X-Mapper Lite for each device.


Mac/​Windows/​Linux version of X-Plane 9.69, 10 or later is required to use this application: It can’t be used for iPhone/​iPad version of X-Plane. Open “Obtain X-Plane” from the ⓘInfo Menu for ordering the full version or downloading the free Demo version.


The enhanced version “X-Mapper Pro” is also available as a paid application. The Pro edition includes enhancements useful for advanced flight operations such as flight path drawing, sophisticated flight yoke using the motion sensor and full-featured avionics panel.

Please refer to help message in the application for detailed instructions.
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