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Is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that provides you with tools and information for star trails photography, still stars photography and a location-based daylight information tool to make planning easier and precise where ever you are.

- star trails calculator, plan your star trails photo
- still stars, rule of 600 calculator
- daylight info, plan your night photography

Star trails calculator

Earth's rotation on its own axis makes the stars appear to move on the night sky ( 2,5 degrees/10 min.) around the north and south virtual pointers of the axis, the North Star in the northern hemisphere and the South Cellestial Pole star in the southern hemispere.

- calculate the photography session time needed for the stars to travel the path length you envisioned for your photo
- path length illustrator
- establish the number of frames needed to complete your star trails photo, according to the exposure value (shutter speed) you will be using.

Your star trails photography solution!

Still stars

Photograph the stars on the night sky as you perceive them, still and beautiful !

- rule of 600 calculator, establish the max. (slowest) shutter speed to freeze the stars with the equipment you wish to use.

Capturing the night sky in all its splendor can be a tricky business, due to Earth's rotation movement around its axis the stars are constantly shifting position on the night sky, getting that frozen-action crisp image of the sky in your photo, that the human eye perceives is a fine balance of optics, senzor/film size and shutter speed.

The size of the impresionable area (senzor or film) and the focal lenght (mm) of your lens, subscribing to the rule of 600 will give you the max.(slowest) shutter speed that can be used to avoid perceivable movement of the stars in your photo.

Daylight information

Know your light and plan accordingly!

-location-based, daylight information a tap of the button away
-Astronomical, Nautical and Civil twilight (Dawn/Dusk) hours
-Sunrise/Sunset times
-Day and Night length

Whether pro or enthusiast photographer, knowing when to shoot different subjects or scenarios is the greatest knowledge investment you can make to complement your skills and equipment towards the best results achievable.

Research, experiment, be curios!
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