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Znipball - fast action, cool physics, retro design, phat sounds - turns your iPad into a board game. 2 players and 4 fingers on the iPad! It's not another Air Hockey! Learn more at www.znipball.com.

tyclipso.net's Znipball brings you a completely new 4-finger action gaming concept! Battle in 2-player mode to shoot the puck into either of your opponent's goals.
Use 2 fingers to shoot by catching the puck, stretching the rubber band, and then shooting the puck back into your rival’s goal.

After just a couple of games, you'll have mastered the unique controller method, and soon you'll be the star when you play against your friends.

Znipball is a mixture of shuffle-puck and finger soccer. However, tyclipso.net has created completely new game rules, and great graphics, realistic in-game physics, and exciting sound - it’s worthwhile to connect speakers! Try it - you'll love it!

To play Znipball, lay the iPad down flat and play with one hand while you hold the iPad with the other. Your opponent does the same. It's best to lay the iPad on a soft case or something soft.

This version of Znipball features:
1. Training mode - great for players to practice and improve their finger skills by shooting at a moving goal.
2. Arcade mode - 2 players go head-to-head against each other. The venue is a playing field that features 4 goals and various action zones! Play against time or against the score. A game lasts about 5 - 10 minutes. You can also play single player against the AI.
3. Tournament mode - 8 players are able to play against each other in a tournament, and the champion is honored after the finale. Exciting entertainment for any party!
4. Stage Divin mode - play znipball on multiple layers, each providing advantages to you or your opponent.

The game features 2 variations:

1. 'Controller Collision on' - play with the rubber band and the controllers; the controller can also be used to make quick shots. This is a seriously fast game that's plenty of fun - pure action all the way!

2. 'Controller Collision off' - play with just the rubber band. The game is slightly slower, but more skill is required - great for experienced players.

Look out for the following challenges:
1. If the puck moves too quickly, then the rubber band won't be able to stop it
2. If you spread your fingers too far apart, then the rubber band will tear, and you won't be able to shoot the puck until the band is repaired!
3. The playing field is divided into different zones; you can only stay in the 'Ride Zone' for a short while until your opponent's goal closes. In the 'Time Zone' and the 'Rival Zone', the goals close immediately, but you can still make tactical maneuvers!

For support or to ask questions, please visit www.znipball.com
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