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ABOUT: MusicWriter

MusicWriter is simply the fastest way to learn how to read and write music. Here it played and edit it as required. Now MIDI enabled for input, it can be used for music writers to put down new song/melody ideas as you play your own MIDI keyboard, the resulting sheet music created can then be printed or emailed as a A4 size PDF document attachment. With Pitch Detector function that uses the microphone to detect a tune being whistled or played on an instrument and write it to music.

The app can now be rotated to give a full screen view of your music, in the iPad version, which is useful for putting on a music stand when you want to try playing your piece on a real piano.

This is the ideal app to start teaching music to youngsters, due its ease of use.

Discount for Schools.

We are still looking for ways to improve MusicWriter so we are not resting on our laurels. Much requested has been the ability to create joined notes, which has now been added.

It is our aim to please our customers as far as is humanly possible so, if you are not happy with the app for any reason, please contact us to give us the opportunity to resolve any issues and improve the MusicWriter app further. If you do find any problems then the more information we have regarding how the problem occurred the better chance we will have of resolving the issue.

Thank you for your interest in MusicWriter, and a thank you to all our customers who have bought the app and given us feedback on ways to improve it. We hope you will enjoy using MusicWriter and that it will help you to become even more creative.
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