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ABOUT: Face Switch - Swap & Morph!

Morph, blend and mash any two faces you want in seconds! Download Face Switch to see what you and your partner’s child might look like, check out yourself with a new haircut, or just mash together random faces into a mix of the two for hilariously entertaining results today!

* Over 2 000 000 Downloads ! *

Plastic surgery has just become easy!
⁃ Swapping faces with a swipe of a finger.
⁃ High Quality blending effect.
⁃ Skin color matching.
⁃ Precise when zooming.

Pick anyone to play with!
⁃ Load a front facing picture from your photo album.
⁃ Over 15 various faces in gallery to start with.
⁃ Take a shot with built-in camera view.
⁃ Download front facing celebrity photo from Internet.

Surprise your friends with a new creature :)
⁃ Post your new image on Facebook.
⁃ Share it on Tweeter, via mail and more!
⁃ Save it to photo album for later use.
⁃ Instant face swap.

Have fun!
⁃ Browse Face Switch community gallery.
⁃ Apply HD filters.
⁃ Place stickers!
⁃ Fast and accurate automatic face detection.
⁃ Well-polished look and feel.
⁃ Info and help for users support.
⁃ Great VIP gallery for purchase.

Note: For best results use front facing pictures !

An innovative new recreational photo editing app, Face Switch has everything users need to mix and swap various portrait photos together whenever they want, and for whatever reason they can come up with! The app itself is incredibly easy and intuitive to use, users simply pick the two pictures they want to blend and Face Switch does most of the leg work. To mash together faces users simply place the photos one an top of the other and swipe to swap the facial regions they’d like to transform. The app is easy to navigate, and includes a full user manual for novice face changers as well.

Face Switch comes complete with stock photos for users to experiment with. Choosing custom photos to morph and swap is as easy as importing the photos from their mobile device’s saved photo library. To help users get a look they’re happy with, a soft edged “brush stroke” feature is included to ensure users’ facial experiments always yield realistic results. Meanwhile, the app itself automatically detects where faces are within imported photos to guarantee that ready-to-blend faces are always perfectly lined up one under the other. Once they’re done users can share their creations with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or via email too!

Whether you want to try your dad’s mustache on for size, see what your best friends would look like if they were one person, or just make a funny face for the fun of it, Face Switch is the face-swapping photo app that puts hilarious photo mashing action right at your fingertips!


Excellent concept! Perfect blending of faces! Lots of laughs! - BladeOn
Plenty of different faces to work with, it looks real, crazy! LOVE it. - Big daddy andria
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