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Learning Chinese characters has never been so interesting before! This App will help you to use the right way to learn Chinese characters.

People often have the impression that Chinese characters are extremely difficult to learn. In fact, if you choose the right way to learn, you will find that Chinese characters are not as difficult as you may have imagined. Chinese characters certainly qualify as one of the most beautiful, fascinating and logical writing systems in the world. This App will definitely lead you to discover the amazing Chinese characters and with great fun. Get it started now!

Three parts in Art of Chinese Characters:
。Find – find the connection part of Chinese characters from the painting.
。Learn – learn the meaning, pronunciation, phrases, stroke order and origin.
。Practice – quick review and try to match the Chinese characters to their English meaning.

- 15 unique paintings of Chinese characters
- 89 Chinese characters and 163 phrases
- Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are available
- Pinyin and English translation
- Animation of Chinese characters origin
- Stroke order demonstration and writing practice
- True human voice pronunciation to each Chinese character and phrase

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