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ABOUT: Affirmative Meditation

Affirmative Meditation is a meditation timer that also plays audio recordings of sounds or affirmations of your choice. These audio queues play during the meditation at random intervals.

There are over 30 audio files to choose from. They range from a meditative 'gong' to a variety of affirmations. Affirmations covering topics, such as spiritual growth, health, prosperity, peace and wisdom.

This app is a one time purchase. There are no “in app purchases” with this app. What you pay for is covered in one fee, including any future enhancements and additional audio affirmations.

Just set the duration to the minutes and the affirmation of your choice (which you can preview by selecting it) and then click 'Start Timer.' The audio will start, and the timer will begin to count down. Several times during the duration of the meditation, the audio will repeat. Three gong sounds will conclude the meditation.

In my own spiritual practice, I found that recorded meditations are great – but the mind begins to remember the interval between each recorded audio queue. My mind would drift and return to focus, right before the audio queue. That is, my mind was becoming accustomed to the timing of the audio event.

I opted for random events. If you had a 30 min meditation, you might hear the audio on the 20th, 15th and 5th min. Next time, they might ring on the 17th, 10th and 8th min. It’s truly random. It keeps the mind from falling in a rut.
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