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Students, you can now explore your school's eBooks on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone with the MackinVIA Reader, an easy-to-use app that's fully integrated with your MackinVIA Backpack. The MackinVIA Reader gives you instant access to your eBook checkouts and downloads. And you're always one tap away from searching your school's MackinVIA for more titles.

Reading your checked out eBooks has never been easier. Features include:

· Swipe and tap paging
· Page dragbar
· Single or dual page view
· Pinch zooming
· Table of Contents
· Search within the book
· Bookmarks
· Note taking
· Highlighting
· Citations from EasyBib™
· Integrated Merriam-Webster™ dictionary
· Optional Link to Accelerated Reader™ quiz
· Read Aloud (text-to-speech) – listen to the words spoken as you follow along!
· A list of your eBook checkouts
· Early return
· Fast online reading
· Download option for offline reading
· All the digital resources owned by your school are displayed within the MackinVIA app

All you need to get started is your school name along with your MackinVIA Backpack username and password.
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