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Are you a top-notch Football fan?
Challenge and Test you Football Knowledge with over hundreds professionally written questions

Quiz Category
*World Football : Everything about World Football tournament
*Football Stars : It's about Famous players (present & all-time)
*UCL: trivia you need to know before UCL Final 2013-14 match begin.
*Clubs : Question of All the major leagues worldwide
*History : All time football stats,players,tournaments,incidents and everything every time about football.
*Random : Shuffle every question mode.

also features:
•Lightning-fast game play
•Fan Type: Each round analyzing.
•Lives & Time Limit
•High score memory
•High Resolution Display (Support for Retina display)

Football Quiz is not affiliated with the any Football League Association. Any reference to third-party names, characters, products or other information is for entertaining and educational purposes only and does not imply endorsement or sponsorship.
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