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ABOUT: Poker Blinds Timekeeper

Poker Blinds Timekeeper is a Poker game timer. Although at it's core it is built around Texas Hold'em, it can be used for most types of Poker game.

Key features -

- Player starting seat position randomizer
- Bounty randomizer
- Synthesized voice announcer
- Facebook integration
- Player thumbnails. Taken from camera or camera roll
- Customize look of main screen by changing the colours of the labels, fonts, background etc.

Main information screen includes –

- Length of blinds information
- Blinds timer
- Current small blind and big blind
- Next small blind and big blind
- Current Ante
- Next Ante
- Total game length timer
- Number of players
- Average stack
- Availability of Re-Buys and Add-Ons

From the Main screen you can -

- Randomize player starting position
- Start/Reset game
- Pause blind round, skip blind round or return to previous a previous blind round
- Call time on a player
- Eliminate player
- Give a player a Re-Buy or Add-On

From the Settings screen you can –

- Add and remove players
- Give each player a thumbnail
- Set the amount of starting chips
- Set the length of the blind round
- Set the length of the ‘Call time on player’ countdown
- Enable Re-Buys
- Enable Add-Ons
- Set the amount of the Add-On
- Create custom blind structure
- Set Ante for each round
- Load/Save game settings
- Customize Main Screen colour scheme
- Enable Voice Announcer
- Enable Facebook updates
Download Poker Blinds Timekeeper.ipa

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