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ABOUT: Numbercraft

Get your kids thinking numbers with Numbercraft. Counting, addition and subtraction drilling exercises for 4 to 6 years olds. No games, no distractions just numbers.

Endorsed by Notre Dame School, Cobham, UK ( "The children were very excited to use the app and they found it easier to navigate than me! It was an excellent addition to my maths lesson and the girls were all engaged." - Mrs Hunt, Reception Teacher

Features Include:

- Counting, addition and subtraction to 20
- Charts that present results and play counts
- Equation patterns
- Support for multiple player identities
- Voice audio and audio effects

Guiding principles of Numbercraft are that learning basic numbers takes time, effort and repetition. In fact repetition is key. With a high percentage of time spent purely on number skills Numbercraft aims to maximise learning potential.

Numbercraft is designed to be appealing to children but it is primarily an educational tool. Children new to numbers who regularly complete Numbercraft levels will improve their numeracy skills.

Voice audio is included to strengthen verbal and visual association.

Charts are provided to help parents, teachers and carers understand how and in what areas children are improving and to identify areas where more focus may be needed.

Various different equation patterns are used to illustrate ways in which numbers are related. E.g 6+4, 5+5, 2+8 all equal 10; 8-5, 8-4, 8-3 the result is always one more than previous, etc.

Multiple players are supported making Numbercraft suitable for families with one or more children as well as groups of children at schools, nurseries and day care centers.

Incentives for children to improve their skills and keep them returning to the app are provided in the form of a leader board, awards for stage, level completion and faster times, the unlocking of higher levels, and an additional bonus on completion of all 5 game levels.
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