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ABOUT: Offline Travel App "TRAVEL DOOR"

******Offline Travel App "TRAVEL DOOR"******

Offline Travel App, Travel Door, has been upgraded with a new look! Travel Door has been featured in multiple Japanese and international media, including “Osama no Brunch”, “NNA. ASIA”, “Marshable” and “e27”.
Based on tourists’ requests, Offline route search function, Offline Pin-drop/ memo, My Map function, Social Map function (Beta) are newly available! Aside from all these, Points and Coupons will make your trip even more memorable and enjoyable!

<Available cities>
Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur

*Up coming cities
Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Jakarta, Bali, Manila, Cebu, Shanghai, Beijing

<Upgraded Functions>
* My Spot: Offline Pin-drop/ Memo
- Whenever you come across interesting places, you can add your favorite spots by simply dropping a pin on Offline map and adding relevant info and comments. These spots will appear as “My Spot”.
- “My Spot” will temporary be saved in draft folder when using the App Offline. Drafted information can be shared with other users the next time you connect to the network.
- If your “My Spot” gets recommended by other users, you will receive points. Accumulated points can be rewarding for high-end rewards and gifts.

* My Spot
You can create your original Map to your convenience, by combining “My Spot (spots added by you)”, “Shared Spot (spots shared by other users)”, and “Travel Door Spot (spots listed in Travel Door App by default)”.
This can help you enjoy a stress-free trip by saving time and hassle on your journey! Make your map fun and informative by adding new spots on the road!

*Shared Spot (Beta version)
- Shared Spots are places/ travel information added and shared by Travel Door users. You can also browse recommended spots by other users.
- When logging in, contributors’ full name will appear on the map. Not only the map is trustworthy but you can also find spots added by your facebook friends.
- You can still remain logged in and view “Social Spots” Offline, if you log in with your account when connected to network.

*Offline Route-search Function
- Ideal route can be searched on the Map without any network by using current location (GPS), Pin-drop spot, “Travel Door Spot” , or ”My Spot” ”Shared Spot”

1) Current location (GPS) to Spot A (Pin drop spot)
2) Spot B (Pin drop spot) to Shared Spot C
3) Travel Door Spot D to Spot E (Pin drop spot)
4) Travel Door Spot F to My Spot G

- You can select either on foot or by driving.(select “walk” or “car”)
- Searched routes can be saved on your map

* Travel Door Coupon
Stores with special coupons and promotions are also listed under “Travel Door Spots”. In order for you to use coupons, go visit their venues and receive “PIN Code” on-site! The more coupons you use, the more points you will receive. Don’t forget, accumulated points can be redeemed for high-end gifts!

*Travel Door Points
Accumulated points can be redeemed for high-end gifts! There are 2 ways for you to receive points:

1) Using Travel Door Coupon: Visit stores on coupon list, receive PIN code on-site and key in the code to coupon screen. By using “Travel Door Coupon”, you will receive points. Points are based on coupon price.
2) Share “My Spot (spots added by you)” and get others recommend your spots! The more recommendation you get, the more points you will receive!

Singapore: Luxury Spa for 2 pax @Sentosa Island (U.P. 20,000 JPY)
Kuala Lumpur: Malacca 1 day tour for 2 pax (U.P. 12,000 JPY)
Siem Reap: Angkor Wat 1 day tour for 2 pax (7,500 JPY)
Bali: 1 day Marin Sport for 2 pax (15,000 JPY)
*Above gifts are some of the examples. Gifts may vary depending on seasons and the total points.

<Existing Functions>
* Offline Map
* Offline GPS
* PEOPLE section
* Message Function
* Review Function
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