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ABOUT: BF Calculator

With this app you can calculate your body density(BD) and body fat(BF).
This app uses the Jackson & Pollock equations to calculate body density and body fat.

All you have to do is measure your skinfolds with a fat caliper and insert data inside the app.
This app is fast and easy to use. The interface of the app allows you to insert data super quickly so you don't have annoying waitings.The app also inserts the informations of your last measurement, everything is made to make the app the fastest possible!

There is also a graph section that shows the trend of your bf values during the month. You can see multiple graphs to compare two different months.

You can insert multiple users and keep the measurement of each of them.You can change user with only two taps,and you can insert or delete users with a very simple and intuitive interface.

All the data of each measurement are saved in the archive so in every moment you can access to your old measurements and see your changes in the time.
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