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ABOUT: CosmoCamp: Color Hunt

Help your child develop memory and visual skills while learning colors in this innovative augmented reality application! Migo and Pandy will show and name a specific color, and your child will have to explore and snap a picture of a real-life object matching that color. The app will scan the picture, confirm the color match, and reward your little color hunter with one of the 90 virtual treasures to collect and unlock!
CosmoCamp: Color Hunt offers age-appropriate content specially adapted for toddlers and preschoolers. Combining the virtual world and the real world, this app was designed with child development specialists to be child-safe and skill-building.
CosmoCamp: Color Hunt features: 

- Over ninety (90) items to unlock and collect
- Eight (8) different color hunt adventures
- Two (2) game modes: Toddler and Preschooler
- Treasure hunt gameplay based on exploration and collection
- Link between the virtual world and the real world (augmented reality)
- True educational value as kids learn colors
- Active gameplay, as kids are required to move and explore
- Original approach to playing with a mobile device
Frima Studio, Canada’s largest independent game developer, teamed up with child development specialists from a renowned Canadian university to offer parents meaningful, skill-building, yet fun, child-oriented apps.
The application is available in two languages: 

- English 

- French
CosmoCamp: Color Hunt comes in English and French, defaulting to your device’s language settings at launch time. To set a different language, launch your device’s Settings application, then go to General > International > Language, or select the desired language directly from the app’s Parents Zone.
Recommended ages: 2-3, 4-5
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