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ABOUT: CombiShot

Ever wondered who's behind that perfect picture?! CombiShot allows you to capture the moment of both your view, and yourself and combine them in 1 shot! With customisation support, CombiShot allows you to reposition the photo of yourself, add filters, change the opacity and more! CombiShot is the ultimate selfie app!

With added support for the Photo Library, you can import previously taken shots and customise them! CombiShot also allows you to export your image to social networks, save your image and more! All built with a step by step menu for easy use!

- Step by step menu for easy use!
- Photo Library Support!
- In-built image editor!
- Photo Library of CombiShots!
- Reposition your selfie!
- Export your image everywhere!
- Easy to use!
- Animations!
- More!

Next Version:
- Video support!
- Better compatibility!
- iPad support!
- More!
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VersionVersion changed from 1.0 to 3.0.
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