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ABOUT: BomCatch

Catch bombs as they fall one after another!
Fight until the end as Black Panda's pranks become more and more difficult!

Black Panda likes to play with fire and, as usual, he is raining down bombs from the building today.
White Panda has a bucket and you can move him to counteract Black Panda's dangerous play.

*** Rules ***
Just catch the bombs dropped by Black Panda before they hit the ground!
It's a simple game which both children and adults can enjoy!

*** Two Game Modes! ***
* Heart Challenge
Collect "Heart" to gain "LIFE". The game is over when just one bomb falls.
Collect 4 "Heart" to gain an extra "LIFE"! You can use "LIFE" in Score Challenge mode.

* Score Challenge
Use your "LIFE" to get a new high score. You can keep playing until 3 "LIFE" are lost.
There's also a rare bomb which multiplies your points by X.
You can compete with other pandas throughout the world via the high score rankings!

*** Items ***
* Clock
Slow down the speed of the dropping bombs!

* Heart (Heart Challenge only)
Collect 4 "Heart" to gain an extra "LIFE"!

* Meat points (Score Challenge only)
Get an extra 50 points!
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